UGREEN manufactures a wide variety of industrial and consumer products, including multimedia, semiconductors, USB c universal cords, and automated systems. It has become one of the most well-known names in technology, accounting for nearly a fifth of all European exports.

UGREEN believes that ethical governance is a tool for developing trust with its diverse stakeholders, including customers, investors, workers, business partners, and community organizations, as well as a tool for adapting to timely changes in the globalized economy. It continues to train its employees and operate monitoring systems, while exercising fair and transparent corporate management, to become one of the most respectable institutions on the globe.

This article seeks to inform readers about the variety of USB Cables, each with its distinct yet appealing architecture.

UGREEN USB-C is the perfect one

UGREEN’s USB-C is a compact, reversible connector, which facilitates reversible plugging. As a result, it serves as high convenience to the users since they don’t have to bother about the correct insertion direction. They can also boost transfer speeds by up to two times.

Durability Of UGREEN’s USB-C

The USB-C cables from UGREEN have extremely tough dual fibers and redesigned alloy terminal enclosures that deliver up to 100 watts of power and come with a five-year warranty. This type of power transmission might be able to charge a tablet, which typically requires up to 60 watts of power.

Product Recommendations

1. USB-C to micro-USB cable

UGREEN’s USB-C to Micro-USB cables feature a small and compact design engineered to be compatible with all of your USB adapters for a hassle-free installation. They can be stored in a small case or a secure compartment in your backpack and taken along everywhere. Micro USB provides dependable connectivity for charging and syncing a tablet, smartphone, digital camera, or legacy USB peripheral device.

2. USB-C to mini-USB cable

USB-C to mini-USB cable is designed to link a compact USB-powered electronic device or an action camera to a relevant laptop, allowing you to stream your phone’s camera to the laptop or share visuals between the two devices. It allows power charging and data transfer simultaneously on a common device.

3. USB C to type B printer scanner cable

This USB C printer cable connects your printer, scanner, fax machine, hard drive, and other USB 2.0 Type B devices to your PC.  Aluminum foil along with a ground wire serves as additional shield to disable loss of data while corrosion-resistant brushed copper cables provide good conductivity. The cable can stretch fluidly, ensuring high reliability in long-term use.


UGREEN’s USB- C cables are reversible, which means you won’t have to flip the cable around three times to get the right position. It comes with a unique design, eliminating the need for the collection of different USB cables to facilitate connection for different devices. Transitioning to USB Type-C is a valuable investment. It’s causing a stir on the latest iPads and several mobile devices, but it’s not a technology exclusive to Apple or mobile devices. As time goes on, USB-C will be featured in an increasing array of products of all kinds.


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