Despite the fact that they have been around for years, snow globes have never been as popular as they are now. Others utilize them as a means to enjoy the winter months, while some use them as decorations. The Snow Globe Cup fills that role. It’s a simple way to preserve a little piece of holiday magic for the entire year. Everything you need to know about these enchanted cups is provided below:

Snow Globe Cup

The snow globe cup is a hot new product that is sweeping the nation and it’s easy to see why. This unique glass cup allows you to drink your beverage while watching a tiny, magical snowstorm play out inside of it. The concept is simple: fill up the cup with water, add some glitter and food coloring, then put in some fake snowflakes or other tiny decorations. You’ll be able to watch them swirl around as you sip from your glass!

But how does this thing work? Let’s take a look at how to use one of these magical cups for yourself!

What is the purpose of a snow globe cup?

Cold and hot beverages are served in snow globe glasses. Since they are refillable, you won’t need to drain the water every time you use them.

Since a snow globe cup is constructed of plastic, they are portable and lightweight. Children who accidentally drop their cups or spill their beverages are likewise protected by this, making them safe.

How do snow globe cups work?

A plastic cup with a hole in the lid is referred to as a snow globe cup. Since the lid is coated with foil, visibility is blocked. To make the snowflakes fall, water is added to the jar and shaken. You might now be wondering how it functions. Snow globe cups come in two varieties: those with and those without tubing.

The first type of packaging uses no tubes at all; instead, it relies on gravity alone to move the liquid around inside the bottle/jar (or whatever else you want to call your container). This method means that you can use any kind of drinkable liquid for your snowing experience without having to worry about adding any sugar or flavors like lemonade or apple cider—as long as it has enough viscosity (thickness) and density compared to water then everything should go smoothly!

What should be inside a snow globe cup?

The first thing you need to know about snow globe cups is that they can be filled with water. The second is that the water should be clear, not colored.

The third thing you need to know is that it’s possible to add other things besides tiny plastic snowflakes and miniature figurines inside these cups, such as decorative items like flowers or small toys—but those are optional. You can also fill the cup with wine or coffee if you want!

Is it safe to drink from a snow globe cup?

Well, it depends. If you mean “Is the plastic safe to drink out of?” then, yes! Plastic is made of chemicals and those chemicals don’t change just because the plastic has been formed into a cup. The melted snow globe liquid you sip on will be chemically identical to what’s inside any other plastic container.

So, if you’re worried about BPA or other harmful chemicals seeping into your drink, don’t worry! Your bottle won’t suddenly become toxic because there are no nasty ingredients in that cup of cocoa or hot chocolate (or whatever else floats your boat).

Your Snow Globe Cup is also safe for use in microwaves (and dishwashers!), so feel free to put it through its paces without fear of damaging either yourself or the cup itself.

Are snow globe cups reusable?

Yes, you can use the same snow globe cup multiple times. It won’t dissolve or break if you use it more than once. To clean your snow globe cup, all you need to do is wipe it with a paper towel and then wash it with warm water and soap like any other glassware item. You might notice some residue on the surface of your container but that won’t affect its functionality at all.

Snow globes are fun and can be customized to your needs.

Snow globe cups are a fun way to enjoy the beauty of winter without having to worry about cleaning up a mess, or leaving it out in the open for others to damage. Just fill our cup with water and place it on your table! It’s perfect for parties and gatherings, as well as everyday use with friends and family members.

How do you make a snow globe cup? It’s simple! All you need is some hot glue (to seal the lid), water, glitter/snowflake confetti (optional), a hot glue gun (to put everything together), scissors or knife (for cutting), plastic cups (or any other type of container for holding water).


The beauty of winter may be enjoyed with the help of a snow globe without having to worry about cleaning up a mess or leaving it exposed to the elements. Simply put our cup on your table after filling it with water. It’s ideal for usage with friends and family on a daily basis as well as at events and gatherings.


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