Since drinking water has now been associated with a lot of good outcomes like god hair and good skin, more people take water bottles with them wherever they go. Asides that, there are places we are more likely to carry a water bottle along with us to, than others. In such places, it becomes an unspoken comparison for the finest bottle.

Okay, let’s not act all grown up and mature, we have all once wanted the most spectacular water bottle. Sometimes, we go ahead to shop for better ones after we see a colleague with a more stylish, newer one. This puts pressure on us to upgrade our water bottles to more colorful, bigger or shinier bottles. Now, with a snow globe cup, you will hardly be able to put your water bottle down. They are showing off material and if you had one, here are places you will definitely hold them proudly in:

At Work

Adults may want to deny this but at some time during your office duty, you have eyes a work partner’s cool water bottle. Well, with your snow globe cup, you will draw attention the glittery substance floating up and down your cup as you sip from it. This kind of water bottle are to be kept on the table while working, rather than the floor. Not just for easier reach but for the aesthetic value.

In School

It is no news here than fine wart bottles do get attention. With snow globe cups as yours, you will hardly put your bottle away or stuff it into a bag. You snow globe cup will always be in your hand where people can admire the beauty.

The Gym

People go to the gym with their water bottles and asides their sexy gym wear, the water bottle is the next thing people ensure they show off about. Cute gym wears are good but having a good gym fit and still owning a snow globe cup is a great combo. Take some extra water because you will be sipping out of your snow globe cup very often.

At Home

Probably not the most common but if you had one or two snow globe cups, I bet they will not be tucked away in a corner but out front, probably on a counter or kitchen island, exuding its radiance. To avoid sibling war, each child that is old enough should have one. Nobody wants a jealous child.

In the Park

Reading a salacious novel in the park or talking to a friend are both activities that require rehydration. So if you find yourself sipping out of your cup too often, that’s alright, and even healthy. But if it is a snow globe cup, then we suggest that you are only doing so to show it off a bit.


If anything boosts your self-esteem like being confident does, then we totally recommend it. If holding a stylish water bottle that everybody else wants, makes you straighten your shoulders a bit and walk straighter, then you should find yourself that magical item, the snow globe cup.


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