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Types of various saving, fixed accounts offered

Savings Deposit product
Focus Group SN Product Name For Whom (Eligibility) Min Balance
General 01 Sajilo Bachat Everyone who complies           100.00
  02 Laghu Bachat Everyone who complies           500.00
Females 03 Griha Laxmi All Nepalese Womens           100.00
  04 My Choice Women’s residing at Metropolitan** and Sub-Metropolitan** city        1,000.00
  05 Gramin Mahila Women’s residing at VDCs and Municipalities        1,000.00
Childrens & Students 06 Nava Kopila Children below 16 years           100.00
  07 Chetanshil Yuwa Youth between 10-22 years           100.00
  08 Educational Savings Students and employees of educational institutions           500.00
Institutional & HNIs 09 Share Plus Stock Investors           100.00
  10 Salary Management Salaried institutional customers           100.00
  11 Premium Plus General Public     10,000.00
Elderly & Retired from Job 12 Sambridha Jiwan Banking Elderly above the age of 50 years           500.00
  13 Pension Savings Account Individuals earning pension  NA
Segmental 14 Baidesik Rojgar Banking Individuals involved in foreign employment           100.00
  15 Kissan Banking Sewa Individuals involved in agriculture business           500.00
  16 Ghar Angan/Derose Ghar Angan General Public for Branchless banking           100.00


Retail FD’s
DESCRIPTION Eligibility Min Limit Max Limit  Distinct Product Features
Muddati Plus General Public 10,000 NA  
Premium FDs General Public 2,000,000 NA  
Laghu Muddati General Public 5,000 5,000,000 Interest in Advance
Sambridha Jeevan Elderly above 50 years of age 100,000 25,000,000 Partial withdrawal upto 50% of the FD amount allowed after 3 Months
    Gift with each FD
Griha Laxmi Females of all age group 10,000 NA  
Baideshik Rojgar Remittance receivers from foreign employment 10,000 NA Gift with each FD