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Internet Banking Services

New Features:

  • Get Pre-Paid Mobile Re-Charge Pin Through Bok Click
  • Transfer Of Funds To Anyone Who Can Get Cash Based On Secret Code


How BOK Click helps:

  1. Viewing your Account Balance and the status of account.
  2. Viewing the last 6 month history of your transactions.
  3. Transfer of funds between your own accounts.
  4. Transfer funds from your account to selected beneficiaries
  5. Transfer funds to any account maintained with BOK if you know the account number of your beneficiary.
  6. Pay the bill of your landline telephone or post paid mobile phones of NT.
  7. Send money to anyone for whom you will be given a secret code that you need to pass on to your beneficiary who then has to go to the nearest branch or the Agent of BOK with the ID for getting cash.
  8. Get the re-charge PIN for your pre-paid mobile phones of Nepal Telecom.
  9. Transfer funds for commodity exchange trading with Mercantile Exchange and Wealth Exchange.
  10. Communicate securely with the bank through Messages menu.