Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking

Our Corporate Credit Services Unit is committed towards meeting financial requirements and providing financials solutions to high valued corporate customers. The financing requirement may be fulfilled solely by the Bank or through consortium arrangement. Over the years, our Corporate Credit Services unit has been successful towards building and maintaining diversified credit portfolios in various lending sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, energy, construction, transport, information technology, trading, tourism, etc.

  1. Project Financing

Project Finance is one of the key focus areas of our Bank. We have established a separate unit as ‘Project Cell’ for financing projects under hydropower, cement, hotels, hospitals, IT services etc. The Bank recognizes the immense scope for growth in these sectors and the need for a specialized approach to manage such business effectively. Based on technical and financial feasibility of the project, we provide fixed term loans for establishment or expansion of projects and working capital loans to manage working capital needs. We also provide financial services such as letter of credit and guarantees for facilitating import of fixed assets and project’s operations.

  1. Trade Financing

Our bank facilitates trading in local and international market through Letter of Credit facilities. The bank also provides Trust Receipt Loan for importers/local buyer s and Packing Credit Loan for the customers involved in export business.

We also issue Bank Guarantee to support customer’s business activities – to bid in a tender, to ensure about required performance level under a contract, to obtain advance payment, to extend financial support etc.

  1. Working Capital Financing

Our bank provides Working Capital Loans in the form of Overdraft /Demand Loan/Pledge Loan facilities to meet working capital requirements of the customers. Generally these types of loans are extended up to 70% of net current assets of the businesses.

  1. Syndicated Loan Arrangement/Consortium Lending

With our expertise in diverse sectors, we also arrange for loans under Consortium Finance / Loan Syndications for large projects based on volume and nature of the credit facility/ies required by the customer. Currently, in capacity of lead and member bank we have our credit exposure in sectors such as hydropower, cement, IT services, manufacturing industries, hospitals, etc.